Writing About Sports


Sports are a form of exercise or physical activity, commonly competitive and organized, that can improve a person’s health, fitness and skills. It can also be a form of entertainment for spectators and participants.

Sport definitions vary widely, but most include elements of competition and social participation based upon rules and regulations agreed upon by a particular sport organization. There is a wide range of activities that are called sports, from simple contests to those with hundreds of participants.

There are various methods of judging for competitive events, but the measurement of performance is often subjective. In some sports, such as gymnastics or diving, judges determine results by an objective measure such as the number of points scored. In others, such as tennis, there is a team of judges who determine a winner by awarding points according to a set of criteria, a result that is subjective.

The best way to write about a sport is to combine your enthusiasm for the game with a critical mind. It’s also important to give readers something they don’t know about the game or its players.

Profiles are another staple of sports writing, whether it’s a player on a rise or an up-and-coming coach. A good profile will showcase the player’s personality and help your readers understand him or her better.

In addition to profiles, sports articles may include a brief explanation of the game’s rules and statistics, as well as information about the team’s latest successes or losses. A narrative that hooks your reader’s emotions is also a key component of good sports writing.