The Benefits of Sports For Girls


There are many benefits to sports. Children are able to enjoy a variety of activities and develop a sense of well-being through physical activity. The social benefits of sports are especially important for young girls. Many adolescent girls believe that their bodies are only useful if they are attractive to boys. Statistics compiled by the Women’s Sports Foundation show that sports participation significantly improves girls’ health and happiness. According to the statistics, girls who participate in school athletics are 92 percent less likely to engage in drug use, 80 percent less likely to become pregnant and are three times more likely to finish college.

Throughout the twentieth century, sports underwent a period of spatial and social diffusion. In the United States, African Americans and Australian Aboriginal people began to participate in sports, and women began competing in traditionally masculine activities. However, these changes were not without their flaws. To address these problems, the first major study of sports in the twentieth century looked at sports in the context of national identity formation. The results of that study indicate that sports can have profound cultural, political, and social impacts.

Despite its many benefits, sports can be difficult for children to take up. Most kids are not physically strong, and this can make them more likely to quit the sport. However, this should not discourage them from trying, as there are a variety of sports for children of all ages. Playing sports is a great way for them to develop their self-esteem and develop their physical skills. In fact, some of the best sports are those that are fun for kids.