How to Write a Sports Article


Sports are physical activities and games that involve the use of skeletal muscles in an effort to improve fitness, health or entertainment. They can be played alone or in teams and may have varying levels of competition.

A variety of different sports are played worldwide, from those with a single winner to those with hundreds of competitors. Some contests, such as tennis and cricket, are governed by set rules that allow consistent adjudication of the winner. Others, such as football, are governed by customs that allow various forms of tie-breaking.

The origin of sports dates back to ancient times when people arranged competitions to test their military skills. Among other games, these included boxing and wrestling.

Some societies created leagues and other organizations that controlled the competitions, wrote down rules, and promoted the development of new sports. Typically, boys and young men were encouraged to participate in athletic competitions.

Many modern competitive sports, such as ice hockey and basketball, are governed by international governing bodies or national leagues. The most widely-known example of this is the Olympic Games.

Sports are also closely tied to the culture of the countries in which they are played. For example, in Uruguay and Wales, the success of a team playing rugby union can be seen as a reflection of the country’s cultural values.

When writing a sports article, it’s important to know the details and history of the game you’re covering. You’ll need to know the players and coaches, current standings, controversies and other pertinent information.