How Gambling Affects the Mental Health of an Individual


While the practice of gambling has been around for centuries, the earliest evidence of it can be traced to the Paleolithic period, which was a time when humans still didn’t have written history. Astragali, or six-sided dice, were used in Mesopotamia as early as 3000 BC. In Japan, gambling was recorded as early as the 14th century. The most commonly known casino games today are poker and blackjack.

A gambling addiction can affect the mental health of an individual. Like any other addiction, gambling is treated by cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). People with gambling problems have different ways of thinking about betting. They may think that they have a higher chance of winning than other people, or that certain rituals can bring them luck. Some even believe they can make up their losses by gambling more. Through cognitive behavioural therapy, these beliefs can be identified and changed.

For those with a gambling addiction, it is vital to strengthen the support system around them. They should reach out to their family and friends and form new relationships outside of the addiction. It is important to note that recovery from problem gambling does not occur immediately and that underlying problems may surface after the addiction has been treated. This is why it is vital to be patient with yourself and find treatment early. Inpatient and residential treatment programs are specifically designed to help people with gambling addictions overcome their problem.

Responsible gambling requires a thorough understanding of the odds, knowing when to stop, and preparing for losses. Gambling should be considered an expense, not a source of income. For many people, understanding the motivations behind gambling addiction can help change their behaviour. This way, they can focus on other areas of their life and make better decisions. And, in the end, they will have more time for other activities and relationships. When you’re able to control the urge to gamble, you will find that the gambling habit becomes much easier to deal with.